Frank Serravalli Reveals New Disturbing Details In Corey Perry Incident With Blackhawks

Published November 29, 2023 at 8:48 PM

Corey Perry's reputation has potentially been irreversibly damaged as the Blackhawks have terminated his contract for violating team policy. While the team attempted to give us as little information as possible, new details are slowly starting to emerge, giving us a better idea of just what happened.

Perry's Contract Terminated For Alcohol-Related Incident

According to Frank Serravalli, the incident that lead to Perry's contract being terminated involved him consuming alcohol at a team event that had important business partners present.

"According to sources, an alcohol-related incident involving Perry is said to have occurred during an event attended by business partners and team employees. It is still not clear exactly what happened, who witnessed it, and who reported it to the team."

At this point, no further details have been released. All we know is that the incident involved alcohol but did not involve any other players or their family members. Perry cleared waivers today for the purpose of contract termination.

Corey Perry (CHI) has cleared waivers and his contract will now be terminated "effective immediately," according to the #Blackhawks.

Perry Could Take Legal Action To Reinstate His Contract

From what we have heard, Perry did not violate any laws, nor are there any charges being pressed against him. For this reason, it is unclear if the Blackhawks actually have legal standing to terminate his contract. The 38-year-old could theoretically fight the team, potentially earning his contract back.

As #Blackhawks terminate Corey Perry's contract, we're mostly left with more questions than answers.

Including: Given the lack of information, does Chicago have the ability to terminate a player for alleged inappropriate but not illegal conduct?

However, it has also been reported that other teams are interested in signing the veteran pest. Perhaps it would be more lucrative for Perry to simply sign with a new team. We will just have to wait and see what he choses to do.

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Frank Serravalli Reveals New Disturbing Details In Corey Perry Incident With Blackhawks

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