Florida Panthers Accuse Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL of Collusion Following Defeat in Last Night's Game

Published November 29, 2023 at 7:33 PM

Controversial Decision Causes Extreme Reactions

Last night's NHL game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers ended in a dramatic shootout, featuring a controversial call that overturned a game-winning goal and elicited strong reactions from both teams.

Controversial Shootout Decision in NHL Game

In an intense shootout, Evan Rodrigues of the Florida Panthers thought he had scored the winning goal against the Maple Leafs. The initial celebration was cut short as the goal was reviewed and disallowed due to a double tap by Rodrigues.

This rare occurrence led to a quick return to the ice for the players, including Maple Leafs' Joseph Woll. The decision stirred debate among fans and spectators, prompting discussions on the legitimacy of the goal:

Double tapped? Good goal? What are your thoughts on Evan Rodrigues' shootout goal being disallowed? 🧐

Panthers Express Frustration Over Refereeing

The overturning of the goal led to visible frustration from the Panthers. Following Noah Gregor's successful shootout attempt for the Maple Leafs and Dylan Couzins' miss for the Panthers, the Florida team and coaching staff expressed their dissatisfaction.

They directed their displeasure towards the officials and the decision-making process in Toronto:

Was standing by the Panthers room when they all came off jubilantly to rock music, they went back out confused, most of them not in time to see Gregor score. Came off again cursing ‘Toronto' i.e. the War Room.

Leafs WIN in the shootout. And the Panthers were giving it to the refs

«Only in Toronto!» One of the Panthers making their way to the bench after already being in the dressing room.

Panthers' Head Coach Paul Maurice was particularly vocal in his criticism of the officials, both during and after the game:

Paul Maurice to the ref «is that one good? F*ck off»

Paul Maurice when asked about the shootout controversy «It's important that they have rules*jokingly* ahhhh F*ck» 😂

Despite the controversy, the slow-motion replay confirmed the right call was made.

Nevertheless, the Panthers' disappointment was palpable, as they felt the referees should have made the correct decision immediately rather than initially signaling a goal.

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Florida Panthers Accuse Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL of Collusion Following Defeat in Last Night's Game

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