Stanley Cup Contending Coach Wants To See Corey Perry Back in the League

Published December 6, 2023 at 10:54

This coach recently made comments about Corey Perry, stating that he would like to see him return to the NHL, and only had good things to say about him.

Dominique Ducharme Wants to See Perry Return to the NHL

With all the Corey Perry drama surrounding the Blackhawks right now, there seemed to be no way that Perry would return to the NHL this season. Now, however, that is looking like more of a possibility, as Dom Ducharme of the Vegas Golden Knights recently went on air to say how he thinks Perry will be able to handle the situation, and that he wants to see Perry return to the NHL.

«I really hope he comes back. I hope he will sort out all the things he needs to sort out. Corey made a statement. He's going to handle this, he's a very proud guy, who's proud of his career and of himself. I am sure that he is not happy with the situation and that he will take the necessary measures. I only have good words for him.»

Obviously, Perry will have to sort out whatever happened off the ice before he can make a return, and it is likely that any team willing to take a shot on him will have to complete the proper due diligence on what happened.

Perry Potentially Owes Blackhawks Back Pay After Termination

If Perry does want to play again this year, he will have to sign a contract before March, when the trade deadline is. Perry also still has until the new year to file a grievance with the NHLPA over the contract termination.

Gary Bettman says he hasn't determined if Corey Perry will need to have a conversation with him if he wishes to resume his NHL career at some point.

It was recently reported that Perry likely owes the Blackhawks money, as he was paid over 2 million dollars with his signing bonus, and only really earned about 1 million through his play. Signing a new contract somewhere else could help him pay that money back, if Chicago tries to go after it.

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Stanley Cup Contending Coach Wants To See Corey Perry Back in the League

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