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Barclay Goodrow Appears To Lose Tooth After Taking Puck To The Mouth

Published December 5, 2023 at 9:02 PM

Rangers center Barclay Goodrow has always been known for playing a tough game. Tonight that toughness was tested after he took a puck to the face.

Goodrow Leaves Game Early After Taking Puck To Mouth

The 30-year-old forward was trying to exit the Ranger's offensive zone when defenseman K'Andre Miller decided to shoot the puck in deep for a line change. This exact kind of play happens dozens of time every night in the NHL. However, this one went a little haywire as the puck rocketed straight into Goodrow's face.

Some noticed what appeared to be a piece of tooth on the ice right where Goodrow went down.

Luckily, Goodrow was able to skate off the ice on his own power. He did so quickly as he appeared to be in a lot of distress. The team quickly gave an update on his condition, stating that he would not return to the contest.

Barclay Goodrow will not return.

And you know what, I wouldn't either.

This dude just spit out multiple teeth and this team is more than capable lol

The Rangers are currently down 5-2 to the Senators as the game awaits the beginning of the 3rd period.

As seen on Barclay Goodrow appears to leaves bloody piece of his face on ice
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Barclay Goodrow Appears To Lose Tooth After Taking Puck To The Mouth

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