Gary Bettman Provides Update On 2018 Hockey Canada Investigation

Published December 5, 2023 at 6:46 PM

The 2018 world junior team has left a giant stain on hockey Canada. The ongoing investigation into an alleged scandal involving multiple players from the team has been one of the overarching stories in NHL media for over a year now. Today we got another update from commissioner Bettman.

Bettman: We Are Trying To Reach Conclusion With 2018 Hockey Canada Investigation

The league commissioner confirmed today at the board of governors meeting that the investigation into the 2018 world junior team is still ongoing. However, he did add that they are actively trying to reach a conclusion, although he did not provide a timeframe for as to when that conclusion might actually come.

Gary Bettman, on 2018 Canadian world junior team: "The process is continuing and we're trying to bring it to a conclusion. It's complicated. It hasn't been easy for a whole host of reasons, but we're continuing to progress on the process."

This latest update is essentially just more of the same. The NHL has been very tight lipped as to what information they've been willing to share about the investigation. This could be because there are legal consequences if they are not careful. However, it has lead to a great amount of speculation as to what is going on and what the conclusion will be. Some players in the NHL seem to be actively affected by the ongoing investigation.

NHL Teams Still Skeptical Of Players On 2018 World Junior Team?

One player from the team that many fans have speculated to be involved in the investigation, potentially as a suspect, is Flyers goaltender Carter hart. The team has reportedly been trying to trade Hart for over a year now but there has been no takers. This is likely due to Hart's connection to the investigation as other teams are going to want to know if his long-term future in the league is in question or not, based on the results of the investigation.

There are a few players who are names in the NHL/AHL now.
Conor Timmins, Cal Foote, Cale Makar, Victor Mete, Jordan Kyrou, Taylor Raddysh, Dillon Dube, Carter Hart.

Almost no one else I even know by name ... If its taking this long this must mean that current NHLs are involved?

This investigation could end with serious charges being filed against individuals who are potentially still active in the NHL. This is why teams might be so skeptical of a Hart trade. Hopefully we get a conclusion in this matter before the end of the season.
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Gary Bettman Provides Update On 2018 Hockey Canada Investigation

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