Gary Bettman Confirms Corey Perry's Future With Comments On Investigation

Published December 5, 2023 at 8:32 PM

Fans across the NHL have been patiently waiting for world from the league office regarding the future of 38-year-old veteran forward Corey Perry. After his contract was terminated by the Blackhawks last month, many fans have wondered if there is any chance he could make a comeback. Now we know a little bit more about the situation.

Bettman Confirms Blackhawks Were Within Their Rights To Terminate Perry's Contract

Bettman announced today at the board of governor's meeting that he has reviewed the Blackhawks' investigation of Corey Perry and he was 'comfortable' with the results.

Bettman says he is comfortable with results of Blackhawks investigation into Corey Perry, has not determined if the player will need to have a conversation/hearing with him to return

However, he did not confirm whether or not the player would have to be interviewed by the league to reinstate his status as a free agent.

Gary Bettman says he hasn't determined if Corey Perry will need to have a conversation with him if he wishes to resume his NHL career at some point.

Fans have been speculating that that might be the case given that there are several former members of the Blackhawks organization that will have to go through the same process following their involvement in the cover up of Kyle Beach's sexual assault in 2010.

However, the league not confirming that Perry will have to go through the same process likely means that he is clear to join a new team if he wants to. The worst thing that could happen is that a team tries to sign him and the league rejects it. If that happens though, the league will likely have to give us some kind of justification.

Blackhawks Try To Move On Without Perry

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks are still trying to figure things out without Perry. The team has been performing significantly worse in the absence of Perry and Hall, who are both gone for the rest of the season for different reasons.

The Blackhawks are now the 31st team in the league, only ahead of the San Jose Sharks. The teams seem to be trending in opposite directions though as San Jose has put up some respectable performances recently, including a stretch of .500 hockey. Both teams still figure to be draft lottery favorites though so it will be interesting to see where they finish in the final standings.

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Gary Bettman Confirms Corey Perry's Future With Comments On Investigation

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