Fans call for PK Subban to be fired after inappropriate comments on TV

Graham Montgomery
April 25, 2024  (5:08 PM)

Former NHL defenseman PK Subban on ESPN as an analyst
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PK Subban got himself into trouble last night after he made an inappropriate comment during coverage of the Leafs-Bruins game. Today he is facing heavy backlash from fans for the disgusting comment he got away with.

In case you missed it, Subban made a reference to his genitals last night during post-game coverage of game three between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs. It is far from the first time he's said something shocking, but this time his comments were heard by a huge crowd as even baseball media personality Jomboy shared a post about it.
No way PK Subban said this on ESPN

Needless to say, fans were not happy about this incident at all. Many have since called for ESPN to fire the analyst. Considering the fact that Subban has made other questionable comments in the past, this is not a one-time incident so perhaps that would be a reasonable outcome.
Don Cherry was canceled but PK Subban can make references to his D!#K on live TV??!! What a fricken joke. PK subban Had one good season and he's still trying to stay relevant... smfh #NHLPlayoffs

Some fans lamented the fact that they had to figure out how to talk about this situation with their kids, who obviously did not get the joke. One parent was furious that they found their son googling the incident to try and figure out what he meant.
My son googled «PK Subban hammer» after this. Shame on @ESPN

Hey @espn, you REALLY need to do something about PK Subban YESTERDAY. His comments are sexist, puerile, and just plain idiotic. I admit I'm a lifelong Rangers fan, and I would throw a party if Mess clobbered him with a microphone or something!

Other fans simply noted how Subban is bad at his job and seemingly desperate for attention, which is why he does stuff like this.
Pk subban just be saying whatever he wants and does not listen 🙄

Subban is not the only one at ESPN that is bad at his job though. The general consensus is that TNT offers a much better service as their panels have way better chemistry, appropriate but funny jokes, and a wide range of personnel ranging from Paul Bissonnette to Wayne Gretzky and Henrik Lundqvist.
It's so insane how bad the ESPN NHL desk is compared to TNT. TNT has every single guy bouncing off one another beautifully while ESPN has Buccigross using twenty year old slang, PK Subban is there, and Messier and Chelios' CTE kicking in every 12 seconds

With all of that being said, it may be time to say goodbye to PK Subban on television as well as ESPN as a whole. Hopefully the network adapts next season so that their coverage can at least be comparable to that provided by TNT.
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Fans react to PK Subban's inappropriate comment
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Fans call for PK Subban to be fired after inappropriate comments on TV

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