Victim of Carson Briere's Wheelchair Incident Speaks Up

Published March 16, 2023 at 11:27

The recent incident involving Carson Briere, the son of Daniel Briere, pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs has sparked outrage among many people.

Carson has since issued an apology for his behaviour, expressing remorse for his lack of respect and maturity. The incident prompted an internal investigation at the university Carson attends,

The investigation resulted in his suspension along with the other student athletes seen in the video

The wheelchair was left broken after the incident, and in response, a GoFundMe campaign was launched to purchase a new one for the victim.

Recently, the owner of the destroyed wheelchair, Sydney, tweeted about the incident, expressing gratitude for the support received and stating

"Hi, I'm Sydney and this is my chair that was pushed down the stairs.

I'm so grateful for all of Sullivan's help in this situation, and for all the kind comments I see on Julia's post.

I swear I really don't want to keep a penny of the money donated, I would much rather give it to those in need."

"I'm going to do my best to take this opportunity to not only teach people about what we're going through and what we're going through, but I also want to use the money from the donations to help those who don't have the kind of support system that I have."

"Thank you so much! And I agree that this is a completely heinous act, in my opinion."

Despite the heinous act that occurred, it is heartening to see something positive come out of the situation.

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Victim of Carson Briere's Wheelchair Incident Speaks Up

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