Connor Bedard is making Chicago a destination once more
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Two Top Free Agents Want to Sign With Chicago and Play With Connor Bedard

Published December 28, 2023 at 6:27 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks may be a terrible team overall at this point, but with a budding superstar in Connor Bedard, it's becoming clear that he's going to lead a major rebuild in Chicago.

Two major stars want to join Connor Bedard with the Blackhawks


There may have been some question marks over Bedard's ability to adapt to the NHL game, but through 34 games in his NHL career, he's tallied 15 goals and 32 points, helping make Chicago a destination once more.

He's producing like this even without star talent around him, but according to a recent report, it appears as though two major stars want to come to Chicago and make them a dominant force once more.

Two stars eyeing Chicago as they look to retool around their young star

On the latest Spittin Chiclets podcast, it was revealed that current Vancouver Canucks RFA Elias Pettersson is eyeing off a partnership with Bedard unless an extension can be reached before the end of this season.

"Do not be surprised if you see Elias Pettersson try to make his way to the Chicago Blackhawks to be with Bedard next year.

I can see him out of there (Vancouver), and what a spot to go to. And that's a team (Chicago) that has the cap space, right?"

Beyond that, it appears that William Nylander, having a career year with 46 points through 32 games could look to finish off this superstar trio as he heads to free agency this summer.

"Nylander, too. There's been a lot of talk of Nylander going to Chicago as well. That's part of it, too."

Plenty of things would have to go right for Chicago if they wanted to make this happen, but with their young star leading the way, nothing is off the table with Connor Bedard becoming the star he has this season.

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Two Top Free Agents Want to Sign With Chicago and Play With Connor Bedard

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