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Connor McDavid during a game for the Edmonton Oilers
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Connor McDavid Could Face Legal Trouble After Major Blunder

Published December 28, 2023 at 3:40 PM

A recent report has raised suspicions that Connor McDavid may have undisclosed sponsorship ties with a brand. Some people are calling him out on a potential lack of transparency about this partnership.

McDavid Could be in Hot Water for Undeclared Sponsored Content on Instagram

Celebrities often take advantage of their substantial fanbase on social media to make money. Brands pay them to promote their products and the deal is complete.

Legally, when this happens, these posts must be clearly marked as sponsored to comply with regulations. However, a series of posts by Connor McDavid has sparked concerns that he might be promoting products on Instagram without adequately announcing them as sponsored content.

The following pictures feature McDavid using products from Alo Wellness, prominently showcasing the company's logo in many instances.




Notably, McDavid also follows all the side accounts of the brand.


An angry fans even suggested that he should be arrested...

need him arrested for undisclosed sponsorship posthaste though

Will McDavid Face Consequences?

According to the Federal Trade Commission Act, McDavid's actions could potentially be breaking the law. The Oilers captain could be fined for that.

Check out the explanations:

In short, it all goes back to consumer transparency. Consumers have a right to know in an era of digital promotion what is «organic» and promoted because someone genuinely believes in something, or if they are reviewing, sharing, and promoting because they are incentivized to do so. And moreover, it is illegal not to disclose. That's right, it is not just unethical to improperly disclose. It breaks the Federal Trade Commission Act Endorsement Guidelines. Let's be perfectly clear: improper disclosure in influencer advertising and sponsored content is a crime

There's also the possibility that he genuinely loves the brand and isn't receiving compensation for promoting it.

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Connor McDavid Could Face Legal Trouble After Major Blunder

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