Two More NHL Teams Will Wear Neck Guards

Published November 1, 2023 at 9:28

The tragic death of Adam Johnson has resonated deeply within the hockey community. Consequently, numerous leagues are reconsidering their equipment regulations. The EIHL, for instance, has announced a compulsory neck guard rule set to be effective from December 31st.


Neck Guards in the NHL Soon?

Since then, two more NHL teams have procured neck guards for their players, following the Penguins' initiative, who were firsts to get them.

"I know of at least three that have started the process of implementing optional neck protection for their teams. That being a Pittsburgh Penguins, who once employed Adam Johnson, the Washington Capitals and the Carolina Hurricanes. All three of those teams have ordered equipment and are going to have their players test it out and practice and go from there."

The Penguins have taken a proactive step by mandating the use of neck guards for all AHL and ECHL players affiliated with them. Even though an immediate rule change by the NHL in the ongoing season seems improbable, it wouldn't be surprising to see mor neck guards on the ice from now on.


Safety First

The conversation surrounding obligatory neck guards is gaining momentum. Some players, keen on their safety, have already begun using them. Although no NHL players have been spotted using neck guards during matches, a few AHL players have wore them, potentially hinting at a shift towards enhanced safety in pro hockey.

It's worth noting that NHL players are typically set in their ways. Consequently, they might be hesitant to adopt new gear. This could explain the hesitance in adopting neck guards despite their evolved design. Modern neck guards are more comfortable and lightweight. There are even base layer tees integrated with neck and wrist guards.

Do you think we'll see neck guards in the NHL soon?

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Two More NHL Teams Will Wear Neck Guards

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