Rantanen Takes a Shot at a Teammate's Father Following Harsh Critics

Published December 12, 2023 at 2:34 PM

Well, this has taken an awkward turn. Mikko Rantanen, a member of the Colorado Avalanche, has decided to respond to comments made about him by a teammate's father during a podcast.

Rantanen Shows Frustration Towards Teammate's Father


After a big 6-5 win over the Calgary Flames last night, Rantanen got out of his offensive slump with a goal and two assists.

Mikko Rantanen once again levels the score in this action-packed 10-goal thriller 🔥

After the game, he took the opportunity to talk about comments made by Artturi Lehkonen's father in a recent podcast. Lehkonen's father had suggested that Rantanen hadn't trained as rigorously this past summer as he had in the past.

Mikko Rantanen's remarks following a wildly entertaining 6-5 victory for Colorado over Calgary. It appears he's displeased with Ismo Lehkonen, a Finnish commentator

Ismo Lehkonen, a former professional hockey player and current coach, frequently participates in podcasts and other media discussions about hockey in Finland. It appears that his comments about Rantanen struck a nerve.


Regarding Artturi Lehkonen, he is still in the process of recovering from an injury and is believed to be six to eight weeks away from returning to the ice. It must be an awkward situation for him to find himself caught in the middle of all this.

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Rantanen Takes a Shot at a Teammate's Father Following Harsh Critics

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