Oilers Reporter and Former NHL Referee Get Into Heated Argument In Leaked DMs

Published November 21, 2023 at 2:02 PM

An Oilers reporter and Former NHL referee are going viral today for their heated argument that includes some choice words in their leaked DMs.

Tim Peel Leaks DMs With Mark Spector After Heated Debate Over Question

Former NHL Referee Tim Peel recently took to social media to share his DMs with Oilers reporter Mark Spector. In the post, Peel proudly shares how he called out Spector for what he believes to be a stupid question to Connor McDavid after their loss to the Panthers.

The question essentially boiled down to asking McDavid if he would rather win 4-1 than lose the game, which, of course, McDavid would.

Another game, another night of the same questions for the Oilers.

What do the Oilers need to do to get out of this rut?

Peel called out the question as being idiotic and shared his DMs with Spector on the matter.

This is what happens when you call out an Edmonton reporter for asking Connor McDavid if he'd rather win 4-1. An idiotic question, of course, they would. This is why some players don't want to play in Canada. Connor played his ass off tonight

Peel and Spector Engaging In Petty Drama Over Poorly Worded Question

Overall, the whole conflict is just petty drama, seeing two grown men going at each other online. Sure, the question wasn't worded in the best way, but Spector has every right to ask tough questions to the struggling Oilers and their captain Connor McDavid. Sure, it is okay to be called out for it as well. The entire situation is the equivalent of high school drama.

Spector vs. Peel, summarized:

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Oilers Reporter and Former NHL Referee Get Into Heated Argument In Leaked DMs

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