Bruins Fans Not Happy With How Lucic Arrest Was Handled By Management

Published November 21, 2023 at 10:22

After a turbulent weekend for Boston Bruins fans, they are calling out the team's management for how they handled Milan Lucic's arrest.

Bruins Fans Call For Lucic's Contract To Be Terminated Following Arrest

In terrible news over the weekend, Milan Lucic was arrested on Saturday on counts of assault and battery against a family member. Details of the incident surfaced indicating that Lucic had violently attacked his wife and that there was broken glass and furniture at the scene.

Details: #NHLBruins Milan Lucic to be arraigned in Boston on one count of assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair.

Police reportedly observed a broken lamp and shards of glass.

Now, as Lucic is set to be arraigned today, Bruins fans are calling out the team's management for the handling of the situation, and are calling for the termination of his contract.

This is the second time within 13 months that the teams captain had to go to bat for off-ice decisions made by management.

It's. Just. Not. Worth. It.

Also if one more of you say «he can't be waived he has a NMC» I will personally send you a voice memo of me screaming.

Waived. Termination of contract. Whatever. I don't give a fuck you're missing the point.

Bruins Facing Turbulent Times During Hot Start to the Season

The Bruins are off to another great start to a regular season, sitting first in the Atlantic with a 13-1-3 record. Despite this, management will have to take swift action and have clear communication on their intentions moving forward with Lucic, otherwise, they are up for scrutinization.

NEW VIDEO: Bruins forward Milan Lucic walked into Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday morning to face an assault and battery on a family member charge in connection with his weekend arrest.

We will see how this all plays out as Lucic and the case will have a criminal procedure to follow.

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Bruins Fans Not Happy With How Lucic Arrest Was Handled By Management

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