NHL Insider Leaks Likely Trade Between Flames and Bruins

Published November 21, 2023 at 9:11


Noah Hanifin, the Calgary Flames' defenseman, is rumored to be considering leaving the team, potentially declining a long-term extension. Pierre McGuire, a well-respected hockey analyst, suggests that the Boston Bruins, led by General Manager Don Sweeney, could be a likely destination for Hanifin. McGuire highlights the Bruins' long-standing interest in Hanifin, noting his connections to the Boston area, including his high school and college years. He emphasizes the Bruins' extensive scouting in the region, suggesting they are very familiar with Hanifin's capabilities.

In the most recent episode of the @sickpodnhl, Pierre McGuire told @MurphysLaw74 he believes the #NHLBruins and #Flames make great 'dance partners' for a potential trade.

Boston Bruins Could Finally Land Hanifan

McGuire also discusses the strategic timing of such a trade. He acknowledges the unpredictability of the market value for potential unrestricted free agents like Hanifin as the season progresses. His advice is proactive; he suggests that the Flames should start creating a market for Hanifin as soon as possible. This could be done by sending out signals through their scouts and coaching staff to other teams. According to McGuire, initiating trade discussions early might yield better offers for Hanifin.

«I don't know if the value for potential UFA's goes up in March or not; that's a marketplace decision that nobody can predict at this point,» McGuire pointed out. «So what I would say in this situation, it's probably better to try and generate marketplace before other people do, and the way you do that is, you send out messages around the league through your scouts that are on the road or your coaching staff that's dealing with other teams' coaching staffs, and you can create a marketplace, and if you can create the right marketplace, there's no time limit. The sooner you can get it done is probably the better, depending on what you have in terms of offers.»

Trading Hanifin To Boston Brings Him Back Home

This scenario is speculative, based on McGuire's analysis and not confirmed information from either team. However, it reflects the intricacies of NHL trades and the strategic considerations teams must weigh, such as player value, timing, and finding the right trade partner. Hanifin's ties to Boston and the Bruins' scouting focus make them a plausible candidate for his next team, should he and the Flames part ways.

Nothing to suspect this will happen, but if the bruins were to snag Hanifan I'd lose my mind

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NHL Insider Leaks Likely Trade Between Flames and Bruins

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