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New Jersey Devils Find A Creative Way To Wear Pride Jerseys

Published December 20, 2023 at 9:18 PM

Today a new report has confirmed that the New Jersey Devils will be wearing Pride-themed jerseys despite the NHL banning them. They can do this through a loophole the team found.

Devils Find A Creative Way To Allow Them To Wear Pride Jerseys

Today a report from Greg Wyshynski has confirmed the New Jersey Devils plan to wear Pride jerseys when they celebrate Pride throughout the end of December. The players will wear the jerseys on their way into the arena to avoid breaking any rules.

Here are the @NJDevils Pride Night jerseys, custom designed by local artist Kathryn Kennedy.

They will be worn during player arrivals will be auctioned between Dec. 21-28, with proceeds benefiting Hyacinth.

Again: Players can wear them anywhere in the building except the ice.

This gives players some of the control back that want to celebrate and represent pride to be able to do so. Pride nights were infamously stripped of a lot of the player involvement after a couple of players refused to wear the jerseys last season.

NHL Has A Decision To Make With Pride Nights

The NHL has dealt with arguably more headaches since banning and placing restrictions on Pride Night representation from players. Since the outlaw, several players have used Pride tape and spoken out against the bans. The NHL has not spoken when these actions were taken by players.

If the NHL is going to allow teams and players to use pride jerseys and tape anyway they might as well get rid of the arbitrary rules anyway. Players who want to be able to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community should be allowed to freely.

The NHL should allow players to choose what they would like to do on Pride Nights. Players wanting to celebrate and represent the community should be allowed. Players wanting to abstain can stay out of the activities without fear of retribution as well.

This would give the players the autonomy to choose what they want to represent.
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New Jersey Devils Find A Creative Way To Wear Pride Jerseys

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