NHL Officials Prove Once Again How Incompetent They Are

Published December 7, 2023 at 9:14

The NHL is the fastest professional sports league in the world. It makes sense that referees are going to miss calls. However, it happens on such a frequent basis that it is unacceptable. Tonight we saw another obvious blown call.

Panthers Players Gets Away With High Stick On Hintz

Roope Hintz is one of the best centers in the NHL. He is currently just under a point-per-game which is a bit of a slow start by his standards as Dallas's power play has held its top players back a bit. However its hard to blame the power play when you don't get any chances. Tonight, the Stars were robbed of a power play opportunity when Hintz took a stick to the face.

Roope Hintz was high sticked by Stenlund but the refs didn't see it so no penalty is called


The video speaks for itself. Hintz was clearly hit in the face by the Panthers player's stick. Not only that, but the play was right in front of the net, not far from where the puck was. At least one of the referees should have seen it, and perhaps they did, but there was no call. The Stars are currently down 5-4 with 5 minutes left in the game. Even one missed call could be the difference in this one.
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NHL Officials Prove Once Again How Incompetent They Are

Should NHL referees be held accountable for their mistakes?

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