NHL Insider Reveals That Teams Are Shopping Philip Broberg But The Price May Be High

Published December 8, 2023 at 9:58 PM

Oilers defenseman Philip Broberg has likely been dealing with a whirlwind of emotions over the last week. The player seems to be in a dispute with the team and now he may soon find himself on his way out of Edmonton. However, the team is still hoping to get a decent return for the former 8th overall pick.

Elliotte Friedman Confirms Edmonton Oilers Are Shopping Broberg

Today NHL insider Elliotte Friedman helped make things a bit more clear with Oilers defenseman Philip Broberg. There has been active conflicting rumors about the player, but today he put those to rest as he confirmed that the team is looking for a trade partner for the former 8th overall pick.

Friedman on Philip Broberg (32TP): "I definitely think there is interest, I definitely think the Oilers know that they can do this if they want, it's just a matter of what they determine they want as price. I've heard there is a lot of interest out there"

Whether or not Broberg would be worth the price the Oilers are asking is yet to be seen, but we also do not know exactly what the team is looking for in return. We can assume though that he won't come super cheap, otherwise the team would not be emphasizing price when it comes to trading him.

Broberg's Potential Could Be Valuable To Rebuilding Teams

Regardless, many believe that the 22-year-old still has a lot of potential and he could develop into a legit top-four defenseman. While the Oilers are in win-now mode, other teams that have the opportunity to be more patient with Broberg may be rewarded for targeting him in a trade.

Due to his physical gifts, Broberg doesn't have to become as precise of a game-reader as others. As long as he keeps the game in front of him and follows his team's system, he will find opportunities to use his skating and reach to make stops and participate in the attack. - Elite Prospects' David St-Louis

It is not often players drafted as High as Broberg become available. When they do, they are usually already too far in their development process to be saved by a change of scenery. But in Broberg's case he seems to still be steadily improving. Will a team take a chance on him?

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NHL Insider Reveals That Teams Are Shopping Philip Broberg But The Price May Be High

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