Brad Marchand Gets Tackled by a Referee

Published December 8, 2023 at 4:23 PM

In a comical incident last night, Bruins' Captain Brad Marchand became an internet sensation when he was taken down by a referee while attempting to rejoin a post-whistle scrum.

Marchand Takes It Too Far and Gets Tackled by a Referee


During last night's Bruins' game, Marchand was up to his usual tricks, trying to stir up some drama.

As he attempted to dive back into the action, the referee went to great lengths to prevent him from reaching the opponents and ended up tackling him.

Garbage from Marchand.

Daily reminder that Brad Marchand is a punk #LetsGoBuffalo⚔️

Perhaps Brad Marchand's frustration stemmed from how the game unfolded, as he lost 3-1 to the Buffalo Sabres.

Tage Thompson is back 🚀

Absolute missile of a one-timer past Ullmark to give the Sabres a 2-0 lead.

Although Marchand managed to score theBruins' only goal, it wasn't enough to win. The Bruins and Sabres are set for a rematch on December 27th, and Marchand is probably hoping that a different referee will be officiating that night.

As seen on House of Hockey - Marchand Goes Viral After Getting Tackled By A Referee
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Brad Marchand Gets Tackled by a Referee

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