Heavyweight Bout Sees Goodrow Take Down Duhaime Twice in One Fight

Published November 10, 2023 at 11:00

An intense heavyweight fight between Barclay Goodrow and Brandon Duhaime went for more than one round last night.

Goodrow Takes Duhaime Down Twice in One Fight

During the Minnesota Wild and New York Rangers game, Barclay Goodrow and Brandon Duhaime decided to go at each other in an old-school fight right off the faceoff. The two centers paid no attention to the puck drop and immediately dropped their gloves.

The fight got off to a quick start, with Duhaime falling to his knees, however, Goodrow wasn't done just yet so he lifted him back up to continue the fight.

Barclay Goodrow beats Brandon Duhaime not once but twice 😂 #NYR

It looks like Goodrow got the best of Duhaime, throwing heavy rights until Duhaime fell for the second time, though it doesn't appear that many connected beyond the helmet of Duhaime.

Goodrow's New Dad Strength Displayed During Fight

Goodrow was benefiting from that 'new dad' strength during the fight, as he and his wife had just given birth to their son just a week ago. Either that or some sleepless nights had left Goodrow on the wrong side of the bed before their game against the Wild.

New dad Barclay Goodrow just pummeled Brandon Duhaime... #NYR

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Barclay Goodrow drops Brandon Duhaime, picks him up and drops him again"
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Heavyweight Bout Sees Goodrow Take Down Duhaime Twice in One Fight

Who won the fight?

Goodrow1669.6 %
Duhaime730.4 %
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