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Friedman Gives a Major Update Concerning The Corey Perry Incident

Published December 14, 2023 at 12:34

Elliotte Friedman has just shared the latest update regarding Corey Perry and his contract termination.

Friedman Reveals Potential NHLPA Grievance Regardless of Perry's Decision


Corey Perry still has some time to determine whether he wishes to file a grievance with the NHLPA regarding his contract termination by the Chicago Blackhawks. There's been a lot of talks about Perry's intentions, but Elliotte Friedman has provided an update indicating that the Players' union may pursue a grievance even if Perry chooses not to.

I've written before that the NHLPA did not contest Patrik Berglund's contract termination from Buffalo in 2018 because the player wanted no part of it. Don't know what Corey Perry's decision will be, but there definitely is a push for the union to grieve even if Perry declines. I don't know exact details and have no desire to minimize anything, but there are strong feelings the NHLPA cannot allow this precedent.

Given the absence of specific information about the incident, it's hard to predict the union's stance on the termination's legitimacy.

Potential Courses of Action for the Union if a Grievance Is Not Pursued

Friedman also suggests that there may be another solution for the NHLPA and the NHL if they can reach an agreement. This option involves creating a one-time "carve-out" to ensure that Perry's termination case does not set a precedent for future situations.

Another option would be a one-time «carve-out» that Perry's case/reason for termination will have no bearing on any other situation. (Of course, the league would need to agree.) That has happened before with things like contract timelines during COVID and what is allowed during summer on-ice workouts, but this would be much higher stakes.

It would be an unusual case to carve out, so it remains uncertain whether the league would agree to this if they believe the termination was justified. In any case, making a judgment without access to all the details isn't easy.

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As seen on House of Hockey - Elliotte Friedman Provides The Latest Update On Corey Perry
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Friedman Gives a Major Update Concerning The Corey Perry Incident

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