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NHL Makes Huge Changes to This Year's All-Star Skills Competition

Published December 14, 2023 at 9:28

The NHL has just announced that it will be making massive changes to this year's skills competition at the NHL All-Star game.

NHL Announces Drastic Cut in Skills Competition Participation

The NHL has been working on revamping the skills competition for a few years, and has just announced the changes that are coming to this years competition. The biggest change in format is that instead of every player competing for their conference in the skills competition, just 12 players will compete against one another in every skill competition for $1 million.

"Instead of every all-star participating, the new format will feature just 12 NHL players battling each other in eight events. They'll receive points for where they place in those events. The individual player who accumulates the most points on the night will win $1 million." - ESPN

This sounds like a great attempt at creating more competition between the players while creating a storyline through the night. In years past, players were not as competitive and interest would wane as the night went on.

Skills Competition Sees Similar Challenges And A Few New Ones

The Skills Competition will still see the typical events take place like hardest shot and fastest skater, but will also see some revamped skills like one-timers. The competition will also start to eliminate players as the night goes on, as to keep up the intensity.

"The 2024 NHL All-Star Skills events are:

1. Fastest Skater

2. Hardest Shot

3. Stick Handling

4. One Timers

5. Passing Challenge

6. Accuracy Shooting

7. The NHL Shootout (top 8 players)

8. The NHL Obstacle Course (top 6 players)"

Hopefully, this format is more engaging for those watching at home and can spark a little more competitive fire under the players who are participating.

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NHL Makes Huge Changes to This Year's All-Star Skills Competition

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