Edmonton Oilers Have Decided The Immediate Fate Of Their Head Coach

Published November 10, 2023 at 1:47 PM

The Edmonton Oilers suffered an embarrassing loss last night placing their head coach Jay Woodcroft's job in jeopardy. Today we got an update on Woodcroft's status as the bench boss in Edmonton.

Oilers Suffer Embarrassing Loss Becoming The Worst Team In The NHL

The Oilers faced off against the San Jose Sharks last night. Coming into the game the Sharks had only one win on the season. The Oilers were expected to wipe the floor with the Sharks.

Surprisingly the Sharks won and tied the Oilers in the standings for last place. Since the game ended the vibe around Edmonton has been terrible. Before this game, many believed the team was just in a minor slump. Now they are confirmed to be one of the worst teams in the NHL.

Leon Draisaitl showed clear frustration in his post-game press conference after the loss.

«Great observation.» Leon Draisaitl was not having it after the Oilers' loss to the Sharks.

Such an embarrassing loss has led to fans and media calling for Jay Woodcroft's job.

Me waiting for the "Jay Woodcroft has been fired" tweets from NHL insiders.

The new system Jay Woodcroft has implemented is not working. It's very clear in the defensive zone and offensive zone. So what are the Oilers waiting for? A loss to Seattle where we fall even deeper in the playoff race?

With all of the speculation, NHL insiders decided to do some digging and find out if Woodcroft's position is indeed in danger.

Edmonton Oilers Decide The Fate Of Their Head Coach

NHL reporter and insider Ryan Rishaug who covers the Edmonton Oilers was able to give an update on Jay Woodcroft's status. His answer to whether or not Woodcroft is on the hot seat might surprise you.

The sense is that the Edmonton Oilers will not be making a coaching change today.

This confirms that Woodcroft is momentarily safe however not permanently. We could see a situation similar to the Vancouver Canucks with Bruce Boudreau. Many knew he was likely on his way out but they delayed the announcement until his replacement had been found.

The Oilers are at rock bottom whether or not Woodcroft is replaced. If they keep failing to stack wins it might be merciful to let Woodcroft go and not continue facing the scrutiny and speculation.
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Edmonton Oilers Have Decided The Immediate Fate Of Their Head Coach

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