Don Cherry's Son Calls Out Ron Maclean's Relationship With his Father

Marvin Azrak
March 24, 2024  (4:04 PM)

Don Cherry and Ron McLean
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When Don Cherry was ousted from Hockey Night in Canada due to controversial remarks, many assumed his friendship with Ron MacLean had taken a major hit. Rumors swirled that MacLean had throw him under the bus.

Yet, MacLean recently dropped a bombshell on social media, showing that their bond is as strong as ever. In a heartwarming birthday picture, MacLean and Cherry flashed the thumbs-up, sending a clear message that their friendship has weathered the storm. The former teammates and coworkers have allowed time to heal their wounds.

Don Cherry has reunited with Ron MacLean

Sure, hockey fans are past Cherry's drama, but MacLean's post reignited some buzz.
Fans dissected his tweet like a referee reviewing a game-winning goal. Memories of the past between those two returned to social media feeds.
However, MacLean's post wasn't just about birthday cake and candles. According to Don Cherry's son, Tim, MacLean crashed the party uninvited. Nevertheless, Cherry is keeping it classy. He's chosen not to air any dirty laundry in public, opting instead to maintain a dignified silence.
Here's what Tim had to say
"I assumed it was just for him, and it was a cringe moment when I saw it on his X account. I figured Ron might come by with a card and I thought if he was going to do it, it might be better at my house since I thought it would be uncomfortable if he showed up at my dad's house on the actual date of his birthday. It was supposed to be a private moment between two guys who have very public lives."

In a candid conversation with John Shannon, MacLean said they've been slowly patching things up behind the scenes. They've spoke over the phone, and even went to hockey games together. They've also talked politics.

However, let's not gloss over the fact that they're not exactly alike. MacLean readily admits that they still clash on political issues. From being inseparable on-air partners to weathering off-air drama and ultimately finding their way back to friendship, their story is a real rollercoaster ride. Perhaps one day we'll be treated to their dynamic duo once again gracing our screens. For now, let's bask in the warmth of this heartwarming reunion and raise a toast to friendship, both on and off the ice!
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Don Cherry's Son Calls Out Ron Maclean's Relationship With his Father

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