Report: Friedman Reveals The Juicy Details on Patrick Kane's Next Team

Published November 26, 2023 at 1:47 PM

Remaining Options for Patrick Kane

As the season progresses, it appears that we are getting closer to Patrick Kane's return. During the intermission of ‘Hockey Night in Canada' NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman claimed that we should have a decision soon.

"I think we're gonna have an idea early this week where he is leaning and what he's going to do, Kane to his credit has made this very challenging, tougher than an escape room to figure out where he's going."

Friedman's Thoughts

The next biggest question is where will Kane end up? Friedman seemed to think that it was now between 2 teams. The teams being speculated are Detroit and Florida, if you remember the last update on the situation Buffalo was involved but they are now reportedly out. Fans are waiting patiently to see where the future hall of famer will end up, and we should have a decision sooner rather than later.

As read on Hockey Feed - Rumour: Patrick Kane down to 2 Teams
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