Elliotte Friedman Reveals How the Edmonton Oilers Will Solve Their Goalie Disaster

Published November 26, 2023 at 9:36

The Edmonton Oilers are grappling with one of the NHL's highest goals-against averages this season, sparking intense discussions about their goaltending strategy. Here's a breakdown of the latest developments and reactions:

Elliotte Friedman Discusses Oilers' Goaltending Plans

Elliotte Friedman, during a Hockey Night In Canada intermission, shared insights into the Oilers' approach to addressing their goaltending issues. According to Friedman, the Oilers are keen on Jack Campbell rejoining the team and improving his performance. They have authorized Campbell to collaborate with Manny Legace, a former goalie coach for CBJ who previously worked with Campbell, in the AHL. This update was reported here:

Jack Campbell's Road to Recovery

Campbell, following a challenging start to the season, appears to be getting a comprehensive chance to regain his form. The Oilers' decision to allow him to work with Legace in the AHL is a significant step in this direction. Campbell's recent shutout in the AHL signals potential improvement and a much-needed confidence boost, possibly aided by Legace's guidance. More details can be found in these links:

Fan Reactions to the Oilers' Goaltending Saga

Edmonton Oilers fans have been vocal about the team's current situation, expressing their frustration on platforms like Twitter. Various perspectives and reactions from fans can be seen in these tweets:

Comprehensive Overview by Elliotte Friedman

For an in-depth analysis and more information on the Oilers' goaltending situation and other NHL topics, Elliotte Friedman's full video discussion is available here:

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Elliotte Friedman Reveals How the Edmonton Oilers Will Solve Their Goalie Disaster

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