Jacob Trouba Given Maximum Fine For Dirty Play

Published November 25, 2023 at 11:24 PM

Jacob Trouba has earned a reputation as one of the most questionable players in the NHL when it comes to physicality. Despite his physical nature, he has only been suspended one time in his NHL career. Tonight he was fined for a play that many thought deserved a suspension.

Trouba Gets Away With Vicious High Stick On Bruins Forward

Trouba made what was clearly an intentional and vicious high stick on Boston's Trent Fredrick. Remarkably, he did not even get a minor penalty on the play as the referees seemed to be taking a five minute break. Trouba swung his stick almost like it was a baseball bat, connecting with Fredrick's helmet with a lot of force.

Most fans who saw the play immediately thought he deserved a suspension for it, including SDPN's Steve Dangle.

Yeah that's a suspension times a billion

Trouba Fined For High Stick

However, the NHL Department of Player Safety once again proved that they have no idea what they are doing as Trouba was given a 5 thousand dollar fine for the play.

At this point the NHL DoPS jokes write themselves but even the jokes are starting to get old. The league needs to prove that player safety is a top priority but so far they have failed to do so.
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Jacob Trouba Given Maximum Fine For Dirty Play

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Yes, 1-2 games1311.2 %
Yes, 3-4 games1714.7 %
Yes, 5+ games2723.3 %
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