Referee's Arm Broken After Player Slams Him Into the Boards

Published November 19, 2023 at 8:37 PM

In an astonishing video that has taken the internet by storm, an incident unfolded where a player inflicted a severe hit on a referee, resulting in the referee sustaining a broken arm.

Player Inflicts Severe Hit on Referee, Resulting in Injury

In a shocking turn of events during a match in Sweden's 5th Tier League, a player delivered a hefty hit to the referee. The scenario unfolded as the defenseman, misjudging the referee for an opponent, aggressively collided with him after an opponent's puck play. The referee was left injured on the ice.

Rare situation that resulted in nothing but an injured referee. What do we think about it?

The impact of the hit was such that the referee remained on the ice until assistance arrived, eventually leading to a hospital visit where a broken arm was diagnosed. No penalty was given for the incident.

Player Insists Hit on Referee Was Unintentional, Despite Earlier Frustrations

Post-game, the player addressed allegations of the hit being deliberate. He maintained that it was a mishap, a misdirected attempt to block an opponent. Interestingly, he noted the referee's obstructive presence throughout the game.

"It's the final of the series and everyone is excited out there, especially me, who likes to play physically. The referee gets in the way, as he did the whole game. I had to stop their player and then the referee got in the way. Then he had to take the hit even though it was not the intention, of course."

Vita hästen player Casper Gilberg brakes the referee's arm with a hit in the swedish 5th division.
byu/ObjectEnvironmental5 inhockey

We extend our wishes for a swift recovery to the referee. The decision regarding any additional sanctions for the player is still pending.
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Referee's Arm Broken After Player Slams Him Into the Boards

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