Leaked Details Have Emerged of a Major Trade Between Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs

Published November 19, 2023 at 4:03 PM

Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames Trade Talks

Recent weeks have seen the Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames engaging in trade discussions. A significant rumor has surfaced, providing insights into possible trade scenarios.

Maple Leafs Eyeing Nikita Zadorov?

Nikita Zadorov, currently with the Calgary Flames, has been a focal point in the trade talks. Following his trade request, Zadorov received positive remarks from Maple Leafs players about his playing style.

His agent subtly encouraged the Maple Leafs to consider a trade for Zadorov with a tweet:

Here comes Zadorov train get your #LeafsForever tickets today #WeAreGoldStar!

Flames fans have speculated on potential trade packages for Zadorov, with various proposals emerging.

Flames Interested in Nick Abruzzese?

In the rumored trade, the Calgary Flames seem to be eyeing prospects, particularly Nick Abruzzese.

Abruzzese's history with Flames' Matthew Coronato at Harvard and his recent accolades have made him an attractive prospect:

As the hockey world tries to piece together various pieces that could make a Leafs trade for a Flames defenceman possible, consider the fact Toronto farmhand Nick Abruzzese was Matt Coronato's setup man at Harvard two seasons ago.

The Leafs 4th rounder was just named AHL player of the week w 2g and 5a in 3 games.

Abruzzese's connection with Coronato during their time at Harvard is particularly noteworthy:

Abruzzese (#16 in this clip) would be a great pick up in a potential Zadorov trade with the leafs!

He had a good connection with Coronato in his freshman year at Harvard #Flames

Proposed Trade Deal Details

A mock trade proposal has been circulating, outlining a significant exchange between the two teams:

BREAKING: Deal on the table between @MapleLeafs and @NHLFlames #LeafsForever #flames #zadorov

To Calgary: Abruzzese, Holmberg, Klingberg, two draft picks (including 1st in 2024)

To Toronto: Zadorov (50% retained), Tanev (50% retained)

This trade would notably strengthen the Maple Leafs' defense by adding Zadorov and Chris Tanev.

John Klingberg, Pontus Holmberg, and two draft picks, including a first-round pick in 2024, would move to Calgary.

Assessing the Trade Impact

The proposed trade involves a significant exchange, especially considering the expiring contracts of the defensemen involved. The Maple Leafs, returning from Sweden, are facing increasing rumors about the trade.

Their decision will likely hinge on whether they see Zadorov and Tanev as key contributors to a potential Stanley Cup victory.

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Leaked Details Have Emerged of a Major Trade Between Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs

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