Nils Höglander Lays Massive Hit on Brandon Tanev Sending Him to the Locker Room

Published November 25, 2023 at 9:24

During the Kraken-Canucks game, Nils Hoglander landed a massive hit on Brandon Tanev at center ice which sent him to the locker room immediately.

Höglander Lands Bone Crushing Hit At Center Ice On Brandon Tanev

Nils Hoglander is not a massive player by NHL standards, sitting at 5 foot 9 inches and only weighing 185 pounds. That didn't stop him from laying a massive hit, however, last night on the Vancouver Canucks' Brandon Tanev.

In the play, Hoglander is looking for a puck in his feet around center ice, when he notices Tanev at the last second and throws his shoulder right into his chest.

Tanev down the tunnel after taking this trucking 🛻

From this angle, the hit looks like a clean hit right to the chest from Hoglander. Tanev, who went to the dressing room on the play, limped off and appeared to have hurt his left leg.

Canucks Had Their Way With Kraken All Night Continuing Hot Streak

The Vancouver Canucks continued their hot streak last night beating the Kraken 5-1. The Canucks are now one point behind the Las Vegas Golden Knights after an incredible hot streak.


"As the game went on we got better. It was a good win for us."

Dakota Joshua with @CanucksReporter after the big 5-1 win over Seattle!

The Canucks will hope to build on this success long-term in a potential year that could see them going a long way in the playoffs.
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Nils Höglander Lays Massive Hit on Brandon Tanev Sending Him to the Locker Room

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