Kris Letang Takes A Dirty Shot At Sabres Forward During Scuffle

Published November 24, 2023 at 8:58 PM

Today an Eastern Conference matchup had the heat turned way up after a major fight breaks out. The fight led to a dirty shot thrown by Kris Letang.

Letang Takes A Dirty Shot During Scuffle

In the second period of this game, the Penguins were up 1-0. After a play near the Penguins net Kris Letang and Sabres forward Peyton Krebs were engaged in a shoving match. Eventually, Letang would end up over the top of Krebs and unload on him despite Krebs not having a helmet.

Kris Letang got an extra punch in while he and Krebs were on the ice


The pair would get matching roughing minors and head to the box. The conflict continued as both players were barking at one another from their respective sin bins.

Any lip readers out there?

#LetsGoPens | #LetsGoBuffalo

Peyton Krebs has carved out a role within the Sabres for taking on this type of role in the lineup. Tonight he and the Sabres proved how valuable momentum can be.

Sabres Mount A Big Comeback

Despite being down 2-0 after two periods and being booed off the ice by Buffalo fans the Sabres were not ready to quit. Taking the momentum from the Krebs fight the team rallied in the third period.

The Sabres scored on the powerplay five minutes into the third period to get themselves going. Another two goals throughout the next 12 minutes gave them the lead. Once they grabbed the lead they never looked back.


This offensive explosion in the third period could be exactly what Buffalo needs to get their offense going. One of the most prolific scoring teams from last season was 24th in goals scored heading into tonight's contest.

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Kris Letang Takes A Dirty Shot At Sabres Forward During Scuffle

Who will finish with more points?

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Buffalo Sabres430.8 %
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