Neck Guard Saves the Life of Junior Hockey Player After Skate Blade Cuts Him

Published November 16, 2023 at 8:56

In a harrowing incident that underscores the importance of protective gear in hockey, a young player narrowly avoided serious injury thanks to a neck guard. Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) Officiating Program highlighted this event to emphasize the necessity of wearing neck guards.

Young Player's Neck Guard Averts Disaster in Skate Blade Collision

A photo shared by HEO shows a young player who was struck in the neck by a skate blade during a U16AAA game. The neck guard he wore played a crucial role in preventing a more severe outcome.

"The picture you see here is from a U16AAA game that happened last night in
@HEOhockey. The player was cut by a skate. Luckily he was wearing a neck guard or this could have been much worse. This can happen any night in any rink. Protective equipment matters for everyone."


"Thanks to the family for allowing us to share this photo. We are thankful that the player will make a complete recovery. Please share so we can stress this important message for all hockey players and officials."

Life-Saving Role of Neck Guards in Hockey Highlighted

The critical role of neck guards gained attention following the tragic death of Adam Johnson, a former NHL player who suffered a fatal neck injury from a skate blade during a game in England. At the time, Johnson was not wearing a neck guard. In response, the EIHL, where the incident occurred, mandated neck guards for all players, a policy that several other leagues have since adopted.

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Neck Guard Saves the Life of Junior Hockey Player After Skate Blade Cuts Him

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