Nazem Kadri Drops the Gloves in Heated Tilt Against Sillinger

Published October 20, 2023 at 7:51 PM

It's not every day that Nazem Kadri drops the mitts, however, tonight he decided it was time to go against the Blue Jackets' Cole Sillinger.

Kadri and Sillinger Exchange Blows in Tilt

The fight wasn't sparked by anything egregious, as most fights are these days in the NHL. Instead, Sillinger and Kadri both were engaging in physical play along the boards, when Sillinger took one extra shot that knocked Kadri down. That was the line for Kadri, and he decided to show his passion and drop the gloves.

Here's what started the commotion ⬇️

Nazem Kadri and Cole Sillinger drop the gloves for a tilt midway through the first

The fight was pretty even the entire time, with Sillinger landing some left jabs while Kadri threw massive rights. Neither landed anything huge, and the fight made its way to the ground.

Kadri Looking to Bounce Back this Year After Mediocre Season

Kadri is coming off a mediocre year last season, his first with the Flames. He scored just 56 points compared to his previous year's 87. This year, Kadri has started a bit slower, recording only 1 assist in his first 4 games.

The tilt wasn't something that many expected, however it could be the energy boost Kadri needed to get his season into gear.

Didn't have this on the bingo card. Cole Silinger and Nazem Kadri get mixed up and drop the gloves. Some pretty good shots in there for both of them, Sillinger's at the start, Kadri at the end. Sillinger gets a massive round of applause. #CBJ

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Nazem Kadri Drops the Gloves in Heated Tilt Against Sillinger

Who won the fight?

Kadri736.8 %
Sillinger1263.2 %
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