Major: The Habs have two of the most tradeable players this season according to The Athletic

Published December 16, 2022 at 5:20 PM

As it does every year, reputable sports site The Athletic has put together its annual list of the 20 players who are most likely to change teams between now and the trade deadline.

And this year, we're treated to two prominent members of the Canadiens.

First, and not surprisingly, we find Sean Monahan's name on the list at number 14. It seems very unlikely that Monahan will finish the season in Montreal, given that the club is rebuilding and that his market value climbs a lot with his excellent start of the season.

I understand that some fans want to keep him, but he doesn't fit into the Canadiens' window of opportunity. He will be too old when the team is truly competitive and his injury history is too much of a risk factor for a rebuilding team.

In fact, Kent Hughes has mentioned many times that he would like to add another first round pick and that his plan would not change this year, depending on the outcome of the season. Sean Monahan is possibly the best option to add this famous pick.

And then there is the name that is still a surprise, for a list coming from such a reputable site, and that is Joel Edmundson. His name was mentioned in a very thoughtful ranking by The Athletic, shows that it's really more than likely that the defender will change teams this year.

No. 44 is the 18th most favorable player to be traded, no small feat.

We're hearing more and more rumors about Edmundson, and it seems that even The Athletic believes he's on the trade market now.

Will we see a Ben Chiarot 2.0-style transaction?

One thing is certain, Eddy's defensive play, along with his two Stanley Cup Finals experience, as well as his strong leadership, makes him a very interesting piece for a championship contending team.

It's obvious that Kent Hughes will move between now and the trade deadline and if the two players mentioned above are involved, the return on the deal could be very interesting for the Habs.

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Major: The Habs have two of the most tradeable players this season according to The Athletic

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