Leafs Fans Furious After Tyler Bertuzzi's Reaction To Marchand's Dirty Hit

Published November 3, 2023 at 9:07

Tyler Bertuzzi continues to be a polarizing player with his latest controversy in last night's game.

Maple Leafs Star Injured

Last night Maple Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren was injured on a dirty hit from Brad Marchand.

How is that not a penalty!?

Liljegren leaves the game

Marchand was not penalized on the play but many of Liljegren's teammates came to his defense. One teammate though had a shocking response that has left many people angry.

Fans Shocked & Appalled By Bertuzzi's Actions

Tyler Bertuzzi has had a rough beginning to his Maple Leafs tenure. He was brought in to be a physical presence with a scoring touch. Last night he failed to protect his teammate and even laughed as an opposing player taunted the bench.

Lol at Bertuzzi's reaction compared to everyone else on the Leafs while they have a back and forth with Marchand out there #NHLBruins

Bertuzzi the former Bruin can be seen laughing while other teammates like Ryan Reaves try and handle the situation. Many people were disgusted by Bertuzzi's actions given the situation.

He definitely will have to answer for his inaction in that moment in the coming days.

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Leafs Fans Furious After Tyler Bertuzzi's Reaction To Marchand's Dirty Hit

Will Tyler Bertuzzi have a damaged image due to his inaction last night?

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