Poorly Timed Social Media Post Leads To Backlash For One NHL Team

Published November 2, 2023 at 7:16 PM

The hockey world remains in mourning over the tragedy involving Adam Johnson in England, and now, the Anaheim Ducks social media team is taking backlash over a seemingly poor Tweet.

Not Necessary

Physicality and big hits are one of the reasons that many fans enjoy the sport of hockey, but after recent events, teams should be smart with their posts, but unfortunately, the Ducks missed the mark with this one.

Beware the Butcher.

During their latest win over Arizona, Radko Gudas hit Clayton Keller hard, and in trying to promote that, the Ducks came out with this tasteless Tweet.


While the Tweet could have been harmless, the caption, combined with the near miss of Gudas' skates on Keller make it one that is seemingly tasteless, with several fans calling them out in the comments and retweets.

Given the tragic events in hockey this week, and the anxiety some people would have seeing both of Gudas' skates narrowly missing Keller, I'd hope the Ducks social media team might have slightly more awareness in putting out a post this week with that phrase.

This is one example of many with people calling out the Ducks for the untimely Tweet, and with players looking to promote neck guards and further protection for players, this is one that could and should have been avoided.

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Poorly Timed Social Media Post Leads To Backlash For One NHL Team

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