Gary Bettman with a slap to the Montreal Canadiens fan base

Published January 24, 2023 at 10:14 PM

Gary Bettman was in Montreal on Tuesday night for the Canadiens-Bruins matchup. The NHL commissioner agreed to answer questions from the many journalists present.

Several interesting points came out of this interview, but what we are talking about here is the possibility of seeing an outdoor game in the city. Bettman was rather transparent in his answers, to the great displeasure of the fans.

"You don't have the infrastructure, are you going to take the roof off the Olympic Stadium? If so we'll talk about it. But this city is just not equipped well enough for this type of event." - Gary Bettman

Obviously, this is pretty disappointing from a Habs fan perspective, but it's understandable. These events are mostly held in soccer and baseball stadiums, which sometimes seat over 60,000. In Montreal, the Percival-Molson stadium is the open-air venue with the most seats, at 25,000.

That's less than double the number of fans that could travel to such an event, which is not very attractive to the NHL.
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Gary Bettman with a slap to the Montreal Canadiens fan base

In your opinion, should an outdoor game be organized in Montreal despite the lack of seats?

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