Gary Bettman Gets Called Out by Former NHL Goaltender Roberto Luongo

Published November 25, 2023 at 11:49

Bettman tries to Block Fleury from Wearing his Custom-Made Mask for Native American Heritage Night Celebration

In a night of celebration in Minnesota, Marc-Andre Fleury wanted to honor his Native American wife and culture by wearing a custom-made mask for the night. Bettman and the NHL tried to step in and stop that from happening.

Despite being told that he will be unable to wear it, even in warm-ups, Fleury still decided to do so and will gladly pay any fine that comes with it.

Marc-Andre Fleury is wearing his Native American Heritage mask in warmups.

Luongo has his say in the matter on Social Media, calling out Gary Bettman on his decision

The former NHL Goaltender Luongo took to social media himself, expressing his dislike of the decision to stop Fluery from wearing the mask. In his post on the former Twitter platform X, Luongo commented on and reposted Michael Russo's tweet.

Goaltender's use their facemasks very often to display special quotes, or pictures of animals and/or family members. Fleury is no exception to doing so throughout his career.

Maybe it is time that the NHL and the NHLPA come together to find a common ground to something that Bettman has stirred up unnecessarily.

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Gary Bettman Gets Called Out by Former NHL Goaltender Roberto Luongo

Should Fleury have been allowed to wear his custom made mask during the game?

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