Bizarre Play Sees Stick Move Without Anyone Touching It Raises Questions About Digital Ads

Published November 25, 2023 at 9:42

A bizarre play happened during the Predators-Flames game that saw a stick move without anyone touching it, ultimately raising questions about the digital ads on the boards.

Stick Moves Seemingly on its Own During the Calgary Flames and Nashville Predators Game

A wild play is going viral online that saw Dylan Dube's stick seemingly move all on its own in a weird way, almost following him to the bench after he dropped it. The stick jumped towards him as he skated past.

"Did anyone else notice Dube's stick mysteriously tried to follow him to the bench after sliding to the boards??

No way Dube moved that stick from the boards.

Ghosts in Nashville?"

While it was obviously not ghosts that moved the stick, the comments quickly realized that it was a puck being rimmed around the boards that popped the stick-up.

The puck hit his stick as it was rimmed around the boards. The reason you can't see the puck is because the board ads eliminate the puck from the screen because the software assumes it's a physical ad on the boards.

Invisible Stick Movement Raising Questions About Digital Board Ads

The explanation cleared everything up regarding what happened, but it does raise some questions about the effectiveness of digital ads along the boards. Obviously, the tech still needs some improvements, as it blocked the puck from view.

The NHL: "Board ads aren't a problem!"


Breaking: "Nashville Folk believing in ghosts up 100000% because of NHL board ads."

While it is still relatively new technology and more revenue is good for the league, there are clearly some kinks that need to be worked out in order to maximize the viewer experience as well.

As seen on Habs Fanatics - "Bizarre scene: a stick starts moving on its own on the ice, raising big questions among fans about digital advertising"
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Bizarre Play Sees Stick Move Without Anyone Touching It Raises Questions About Digital Ads

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