Friedman Reveals Flames Star Defenceman Was Nearly Traded to Worst Team in League

Published November 9, 2023 at 9:56

Elliotte Friedman has just revealed that the Calgary Flames nearly moved this defenseman to the worst team in the league.

Friedman Reveals that San Jose Showed Interest in Hanifin

On 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman revealed that the San Jose Sharks reached out to the Calgary Flames with interest in Noah Hanifin. This move is a bit surprising, as the Sharks should be looking to offload assets for a rebuild instead of bringing them on, especially a pending UFA.

Kinda suspect the Sharks called Calgary about Noah Hanifin. Don't see that as a fit. Another team I wonder about is Arizona. Coyotes have the second-best goal differential in the Central, and a desire to push for the playoffs. As this situation plays out, I am curious to see if an extension becomes part of the conversation. It benefits Hanifin, and benefits the Flames in any return.

A potential trade from Calgary to San Jose would be a huge risk for the Sharks, as they would still have to pay a pretty penny for Hanifin and risk him not re-signing. This is likely the hangup that led the deal not to work out.

Hanifin Deal Needs to Be Done For Calgary to Make a Meaningful Move

Calgary is looking like they will be a seller when the trade deadline approaches, and if they are looking at a long-term rebuild and new era, they will want to offload some assets as well. This includes Hanifin. Getting a deal done would give teams more assurance that they are getting Hanifin for more than just one run, which could net a bigger return for Calgary.

The Calgary Flames are now 2-7-1, and have a bunch of pending UFAs.

The big names include:
-Elias Lindholm
-Noah Hanifin
-Chris Tanev
-Nikita Zadorov

There's still some time to turn things around, but it looks like they could be the focal point of this season's trade deadline.

If Calgary continues to slide down the standings, a move only becomes more imminent.

As seen on House of Hockey - "Top Pairing Defenseman Almost Traded To Bottom Feeding Team"
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Friedman Reveals Flames Star Defenceman Was Nearly Traded to Worst Team in League

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