Former Enforcer Reveals The Single Moment that Ended his Hockey Career

Published November 9, 2023 at 9:04

Zack Kassian, a former NHL who played 661 games with four different teams during his 12-year career, faced an abrupt end to his professional hockey journey.

He played his final season in 2022-2023 with the Arizona Coyotes, during which he played 58 games.

Reflecting on his career, Kassian pointed to a crucial event that reshaped his experience in hockey.


Kassian Drops the Gloves One too Many Times

Kassian experienced a concussion in a 2021 preseason fight, which significantly impacted his performance on the ice.

"The human brain, something happens like's very tough to go back to being the same player."

The Turning Point in Kassian's Career


During a preseason game, Kassian engaged in a confrontation with Vancouver Canucks forward Zack MacEwen.

In a tragic turn during the altercation, a punch from MacEwen sent Kassian on the floor and he hit his head on the ice. This event deeply affected him, leaving him feeling as though he couldn't regain his former prowess as a player.

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Former Enforcer Reveals The Single Moment that Ended his Hockey Career

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