Flames' Coach Has had Enough, Benches $10M Star in Crucial Moment

Published November 2, 2023 at 11:09

Flames Coach Benches Huberdeau in Crucial Moment


Once again this year, despite major changes in the organization, the Calgary Flames are off to a very bad start.

Their record, after losing 4-3 on Wednesday night against the Dallas Stars, is now 2-7-1.

In the final minute of the game, as the Flames were trying to tie the game, Ryan Huska decided to bench Jonathan Huberdeau, their $10.5M AAV star.

"Huberdeau not even on the ice for the last minute and Flames lose. Getting ugly in Calgary."

Huberdeau: Worst Contract in the NHL?


Huberdeau wasn't good at all last night. He was very far from what he should bring every night.

"Huberdeau isn't even on the ice with a minute left and no, he doesn't deserve to be."

He's not the only one; Nazem Kadri has also been struggling.

This underwhelming performance is among the worst in the Flames' history:

"Worst +/- through a player's first 10 GP of a season - #Flames franchise history (1972-present):
-13 by Bob Paradise (Atlanta, 1972-73)
-13 by Kris Russell (2015-16)
-12 by Nazem Kadri (2023-24)
-12 by Bill Plager (ATL, 1972-73)
-11 by Jonathan Huberdeau (2023-24)
-10 by four others"

Right now, with seven years left on his *gulp* $10.5M AAV contract, this is setting up to become the worst contract in the NHL.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Calgary Flames head coach has had enough, benches 10 million dollar player when the team needed him most
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Flames' Coach Has had Enough, Benches $10M Star in Crucial Moment

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