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Carson Briere Given Final Punishment For Wheelchair Incident After Court Appearance

Published December 23, 2023 at 9:59

Carson Briere went viral on the internet for pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs, and now he has learned his punishment for the act.

Briere Sentenced to 15 Months Probation for Wheelchair Incident

Carson Briere, son of Flyers GM Danny Briere, was all over social media for pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs at a bar during his time at Mercyhurst. Now, he has been sentenced to 15 months of probation for the incident, according to the New York Times.

"They will each receive 15 months of probation and their charges of second-degree misdemeanor criminal mischief will be dismissed and expunged upon successfully completing the program." - New York Times

The dropping of the original charges is contingent on the completion of the probationary period.

Owner of Wheelchair Speaks About the Embarrassment of the Incident

The owner of the wheelchair, Sydney Benes, spoke at the court proceedings about how embarrassing the entire incident was for her. Her wheelchair was broken as a result of the ordeal.

"Sydney Benes, who lost her legs in an automobile accident in 2021, talked in an Erie courtroom on Tuesday about the embarrassment she had to deal with in March when she was carried downstairs to use the bathroom at Sullivan's Pub & Eatery.

Then there was the humiliation of finding her wheelchair, which had been pushed from the top of the stairs, sitting damaged at the bottom of those stairs, she said." - Erie Times-News

Briere has previously apologized for the incident, and payment for a new wheelchair was offered. Briere is set to play hockey in Europe next season after being dismissed from Mercyhurst for the actions.

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Carson Briere Given Final Punishment For Wheelchair Incident After Court Appearance

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