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Paul Bissonnette Believes A Player Other Than Alex Ovechkin Could Break Wayne Gretzky's Goal Record

Published December 22, 2023 at 4:33 PM

Today Paul Bissonnette made a bold prediction about a player who could break Wayne Gretzky's goal record not named Alex Ovechkin.

Biz Predicts Who Will Break The All-Time Goal Record If Not Ovechkin

Today on Spittin' Chiclets the crew talked about the all-time NHL goal record. Paul Bissonnette has a theory that Alex Ovechkin will not have the goal record for long if he does indeed pass Gretzky.

"I think that there's a high chance that Matthews ends of being the highest goal-scorer of all time. He's a freak in the gym, and the way that the game has evolved, it kind of protects these kinds of players. He doesn't play nearly as physical as Ovechkin did. So as far as his body holding up - people do say he was injured a lot more than Ovi was. Especially early on. But, buddy I think there's a high probability that Matthews ends up breaking the overall goal record."

Bissonnette creates an interesting argument that has not been approached yet with Auston Matthews. This is the first time we hear his name in connection with the goal-scoring record.

Can Matthews Catch The Goal Scoring Record?

At this point in his career, Auston Matthews is already considered an elite goalscorer.

This season Matthews is on pace to do something that even Alex Ovechkin has not done. At this point, Matthews is on pace to score over 70 goals this season.

If Matthews keeps this pace he will be the first player with 70 goals in a season since Alexander Mogilny. This pace also puts Matthews ahead of Alex Ovechkin in comparison to where he was at the same age.

While it is not nearly guaranteed that Matthews will be even close to the goal record he has created conversation. Now that Alex Ovechkin has shown that the pace is possible it gives a bar for Matthews to reach for.

As Read On - Blade Of Steel - Paul Bissonnette Believes an NHL Player other than Alex Ovechkin can Beat Wayne Gretzky's Goal Record
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Paul Bissonnette Believes A Player Other Than Alex Ovechkin Could Break Wayne Gretzky's Goal Record

Will Auston Matthews break the all-time goal scoring record?

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