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Max Domi Goes Nuts On Rival Leading To A Major Chirp Being Sent His Way

Published December 22, 2023 at 7:13 PM

Max Domi has always been known as a player that stirs the pot. Last night was no different when Domi tried to take on the entirety of an opposing team in a scrum.

Domi Goes Berserk On Rival Team After Frustrating Game

Near the end of the Buffalo Sabres rout of the Toronto Maple Leafs Max Domi had had enough. He decided to take his frustration out on the Sabres going after forward Jeff Skinner. The altercation with Skinner led to a team-wide brawl with Domi in the middle of things.

After Domi received a game ending penalty his night went from bad to worse when Jeff Skinner decided to start talking trash to Domi.

Skinner Sends A Major Chirp At Domi After Brawl

After the brawl Max Domi was being escorted off the ice has he and Jeff Skinner exchanged trash talk. A microphone on the ice picked up a major insult thrown out by Skinner about Domi's lack of teeth.

Jeff Skinner said to Max Domi «You have no f—ing teeth»

This comment did not change the end of the game much at all. What it has done though is make the next meeting between these two sides even more heated. Domi will likely be waiting to get revenge on Skinner and throw some trash talk right back at Skinner.

The two teams will meet again on March 6th in Toronto for the much-anticipated revenge game.

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Max Domi Goes Nuts On Rival Leading To A Major Chirp Being Sent His Way

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