BREAKING: Jets First-Round Pick Rushed to Hospital After On-Ice Injury

Published November 18, 2023 at 9:40

In a recent hockey match between the University of Michigan and Penn State, top Winnipeg Jets prospect and Michigan player Rutger McGroarty suffered a serious injury. He was the 14th overall pick in the 2022 draft and was leading his team with 18 points in 13 games. During the game, McGroarty was involved in an accident on the ice and had to be stretchered off, unable to leave the ice on his own.

McGroarty's Emergency Incident

The severity of the incident was such that McGroarty was immediately taken to the emergency room. The details of his injury are still unclear, but the situation was serious enough to require immediate medical attention. Footage of the incident has been limited, with only a few clips available online.

Rutger McGroarty now injured and dazed. Didn't see the play, but he appeared to crash into the boards behind the action. Brian Brewster and Jacob Truscott help him to a stretcher at the Zamboni door

Michigan coach Brandon Naurato confirmed McGroarty's emergency room visit, though the full extent of the injury remains unknown.

Rutger McGroarty was taken to the emergency room according to Michigan coach Brandon Naurato. The extent of the injury is unknown.

This injury puts McGroarty's participation in the upcoming World Junior Championships with Team USA's U-20 team in jeopardy. Further updates on his condition and ability to play are awaited.

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BREAKING: Jets First-Round Pick Rushed to Hospital After On-Ice Injury

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