New NHL owner receives an awkward threat from Bettman

Published November 17, 2023 at 4:23 PM

A lot has happened since Michael Andlauer bought the Ottawa Senators earlier this season, none of which has been good.

Andlauer gets a threat from the Commish on who is showing who is the boss of the NHL


In the short time since owning the team, Andlauer has lost a player to a suspension for betting, a draft pick because of a lack of discretion, and firing the GM Pierre Dorion. Not to mention the lack of performance on the ice by the Senators so far this season.

During that press conference about the firing of former General Manager Dorion, Andlauer was able to comment on the state of the team. His memorable comment being, "I don't know why I'm inheriting this"

Bettman's response to Andlauer has the feeling of a mob boss trying to take control of his family

It seems like Bettman has made his response to the Ottawa Owner, raising the question of who has the real power in the NHL. He has stated that Andlauer should accept his reality and accept the consequences for the actions of the Senators.

Maybe on reflection, Michael will be, if he's not already, more comfortable with the way things were handled."

Bettman seems to be puffing his chest and trying to kill any type of dissent amongst the NHL owners. Rarely if ever does Bettman take criticism from the other owners, so maybe this was the wake up call on how things work that Andlauer needed.

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New NHL owner receives an awkward threat from Bettman

Will Andlauer and the Senators be able to turn this season around?

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