William Nylander Gives Massive Clue As To Where He Would Like to Play Next Season

Published December 6, 2023 at 1:51 PM

William Nylander will be one of the hottest UFAs of the summer if he remains unsigned after the season ends, and he just dropped a hint where he would like to sign.

Nylander Says Toronto Is A Special Place to Play

William Nylander's contract negotiations have been pretty quiet in Toronto as the season has gone on, with neither side really revealing too much on how it is going. With Nylander continuing to impress on the ice, some have speculated that he will hit the free market this summer.

However, reporter Dave McCarthy asked William Nylander a question today about Auston Matthews' contract negotiations, and Nylander's response was quite telling about where he would like to play.

"Knowing the Toronto Maple Leafs and what kind of team that is, it doesn't get any better than being here in Toronto for sure so I think that's why he obviously wanted to stay and win here, he knows, would be something special."

Will the Leafs Be Able to Afford Nylander?

The biggest question remaining in Toronto is whether or not the Leafs will be able to afford Nylander. The Leafs are strapped for cap space, however, it has been confirmed that the cap will go up next season.

The NHL updated governors today on the latest revenue projections for the season and as expected, the league told owners the salary cap for next season is projected to be around $87.7 million

If the Leafs can find a way to go without pieces, they may be able to make it work for Nylander next season. It all depends on getting a deal done.

As seen on Puck Reporter - "William Nylander Drops A Major Hint On Where He Will Sign A New Contract"
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William Nylander Gives Massive Clue As To Where He Would Like to Play Next Season

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