Top Insider Reveals the NHL future of Phil Kessel

Published October 20, 2023 at 1:21 PM

Phil Kessel is one of the most beloved players in the NHL right now, and after winning his third ring in 2022-23 with the Vegas Golden Knights, there were some around the league that believed the end was near.

Another run incoming?


However, top insiders all summer have persisted with the report that not only is Kessel wanting a return, but has expressed his desire to play on a team by any means, revealing that he doesn't need a permanent spot on a team, he just wants the opportunity.

With the season getting into full swing, many still held a belief that he could be done with no teams getting him into the building, despite the reported interest, but now, this latest update from TSN's Chris Johnston is a promising one.

The return of The Thrill

In his latest report, Johnston revealed that the interest is still very real, and if things go well, Kessel could be on a team in the very near future.

He's been skating on his own. He didn't want to go to any training camps on a try-out but it sounds as though he's had a couple close calls with contracts in the past week or two and there is an expectation that he will join a team.

He just wants to be a member of a team and continue living the dream.

Ultimately, he may not become a key top-six piece for a contender, but Kessel has proven to still be very effective, and if this report is correct, he may be back on the ice before we know it.

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Top Insider Reveals the NHL future of Phil Kessel

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