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The Perfect Candidate for the Leafs' Blue LIne is now Known

Published August 29, 2023 at 8:38

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been busy with some strong offseason acquisitions, yet they're still one key move away from being serious contenders in the playoffs. Interestingly, a Canadian rival team could provide the ideal trade solution.

The Ideal Defenseman

The NHL has its share of skilled defensemen, but one particular player ticks all the boxes for what the Maple Leafs require, and he's even a native of Ontario!

Chris Tanev's performance with the Calgary Flames in recent seasons has been nothing short of stellar. His role as a purely defensive defenseman makes him an excellent candidate to pair with Morgan Rielly in Toronto's defense.


Potential Trade

Tanev has scored 57 points during his last three seasons with Calgary, but his true value lies in his toughness, clear communication, and leadership skills. Given these qualities, it would be a missed opportunity for the Maple Leafs not to make a move for him, especially considering his upcoming UFA status.

So, what might a potential trade look like?

To Toronto: Chris Tanev with 50% salary retention

To Calgary: Connor Timmins, Nick Robertson, 2024 First Round Pick

Securing Tanev would add some much-needed grit to Toronto's defense, a critical element for success in the postseason. With his leadership abilities, acquiring Tanev could very well be the move that turns the Leafs into serious playoff contenders.

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The Perfect Candidate for the Leafs' Blue LIne is now Known

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